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Which export format should I use? What are the best settings for low or high quality playback that won't stress PC resources. ( TestAssistant, Standard, Pro, Express)
Exported movie size is very large My exported movie is very large. How can I reduce the file size of exported movies? ( Standard, TestAssistant, Pro, Express)
Bad image quality in exported Flash I've exported my movie to Flash but it appears to be stretched or low quality. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Pro, Express)
Cannot use batch export in BB FlashBack Express or Standard The Help file talks about a batch export function, but the menu item for it is missing. ( Express, Standard)
Flash - SWF exports too large I've exported my movie to Flash (swf) but the file is too big. How can I reduce the size? ( Pro, Express, TestAssistant, Standard)
Will the BB FlashBack logo always be on my exports? Is the "Created with BB FlashBack" logo visible on my movies after I have purchased? ( Pro, TestAssistant, Express, Standard)
Flash movie pauses when I run it from web server My Flash exports play ok from my local hard drive, but when I copy them to a web server, playback pauses. ( Pro, Express, Standard, TestAssistant)
Flash movies turn all red after some time I export to Flash, but when I play the movie, after a few minutes it turns all red. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
Flash exports show message: "Flash player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation" When you open a Flash export, a message appears "Flash player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation". ( Pro, TestAssistant, Express, Standard)
What formats can I save or export my recordings to? Can I save or export my BB FlashBack movies to other video formats such as Flash, QuickTime, H264 or AVI?
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Guide per l'utente
Esportazione nel giusto formato
WMV o AVI? EXE o Flash? FlashBack esporta in molti formati, per consentirti di scegliere quello giusto per il tuo pubblico.

Creare AVI migliori
Come migliorare la qualità e ridurre le dimensioni delle esportazioni in AVI.

Descrizione dellle dimensioni del file del filmato
Guida per gli elementi che rendono i filmati FlashBack (sia nuovi che esportati) più grandi e alcuni suggerimenti per ridurli.